Bumbrella by CiCi Soleil

About Bumbrella

Meet Tara Gallagher

Tara Gallagher, founder of CiCi Soleil Ltd., earned her MD in 1999.  Although she postponed a medical career to focus on raising her three young children, she still maintained a vigilant and passionate interest in health and wellness. While following medical news, Tara learned about the increased incidence of women’s health issues associated with the overuse of shapewear and other tight fitting clothes.  This knowledge prompted her to design a daily wear alternative to help address these health problems. Believing a positive body image is a healthy body image, Tara encourages women to embrace the beauty of their unique shapes and to break free from the idea of “perfection”…and that’s just what the doctor orders. 

My Inspiration

“While wearing a black dress on a hot, sunny day, I had my 'aha moment'. Imagine my surprise realizing my dress was completely transparent in the sunlight…while at a funeral, no less! My embarrassment was on par with those mortifying dreams of standing naked in front of a crowd! If this happened to me, it must be happening to 1000s of other unsuspecting women. Before bumbrella, the only options were outdated “granny slips” and shapewear, neither of which I found especially appealing. Why not combine the comfort of well-fitting panty with the convenience of an attached mini slip that wouldn’t twist, turn or ride up? Why not design an undergarment solution to address the growing women’s health issues associated with the overuse of compressive undergarments? The result is bumbrella…an umbrella for your bum...an easy-to-wear, modern wardrobe solution. bumbrella creates a sleek look without the squeeze, while encouraging body confidence and promoting better health. Now you can feel naked, without looking naked! The unique bumbrella fills a niche, making dressing a breeze!   Since it’s the perfect problem-solver, bumbrella is destined to become a favorite wardrobe staple for today's modern woman." - Tara Gallagher, President of CiCi Soleil

Bumbrella by CiCi Soleil
CiCi Soleil Ltd. is dedicated to creating modern, solution-oriented underpinnings for the fashion-forward woman. We are delighted to introduce a modern mini slip with the convenience of an integrated panty called bumbrella. Bumbrella's original 2 in 1, no squeeze pantyslip design is a unique, yet simple new concept in concealwear…NOT SHAPEWEAR…finally be FREE FROM THE SQUEEZE!