Bumbrella by CiCi Soleil






    bumbrella is so happy to be considered a useful "grommet".

    What is a grommet, you ask? A grommet is an innovative, unique product that is created by a "Maker" with a story to tell. Often a grommet is new to market or has not yet been broadly discovered when it found by the enthusiastic Grommet team. When grommets are chosen, they are ready to find a wider audience and The Grommet product launch platform gives them the amplification and attention they deserve. The Grommet’s goal is to help these small, innovative businesses succeed by reaching a group of highly motivated consumers who look for and appreciate “grommets". The Grommet discovery team is highly selective in finding "grommets"….every year they review and examine hundreds of items. Only a lucky 3% are chosen! 

    CLICK HERE to check out bumbrella on the Grommet!

    I just know you'll love it, if you try it- You will love the easy, breezy Spring dressing with bumbrella!


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