Bumbrella by CiCi Soleil



  • Brigitte Holthausen, the Brazilian founder of HEMLINE, moved to New Orleans, Louisiana at age 16. She had a talent for pulling together an exotic assortment of products that set her apart from the other vendors.  Brigitte began selling sandals, jewelry, and backpacks at the Historic French Market in the heart of New Orleans. In 1993 Brigitte teamed up with her husband, Luciano Holthausen, to open a small boutique on Chartres Street—and HEMLINE was officially born! Today, Hemline continues to grow and has become a veritable style empire. The brand has truly become a trusted and sought-after resource for covetable fashion in New Orleans and throughout the Southeast. bumbrella is thrilled to be carried at the Metairie location in New Orleans, Louisiana. Stop in and give them a try! It's your ideal base layer to wear on a sultry New Orleans day!



    Store Address: 605 Metairie Road, Metairie, Louisiana 70005

    Store Phone Number: 504.309.8778

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