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  • La Boutique Jolie means “the lovely boutique”, and that’s what you will find- all things lovely! Affectionately know as LBG, it is located in Issaquah Heights, Washington. This fabulous new boutique also happens to be our newest retail parter. This boutique is full of vibrant energy from the moment you are greeted at the door. The atmosphere is comfortable and gorgeous. The eye-catching, hand-blown glass chandelier is the focal point of this shoppers haven. Their butterfly motif is artfully carried throughout the boutique adding a touch of whimsy. Owners Robin Sofola and Andrea Pohle have created a relaxing, friendly space for you to shop and browse. They are passionate about introducing top-quality clothing and accessories just for you.  They carry a unique, size inclusive selection of flattering styles. Their friendly and honest feedback ensures you will enjoy your purchases for a long time. Robin and Andrea are not only fashionistas- they are fashionistas on a mission with a purpose- they are committed to  supporting their community. You will see them hosting monthly events featuring local artists and "Pay it Forward Day” where their costumers can suggest charities and when chosen, that charity receives a percentage of their sales for that day.  How great is that! Bumbrella couldn't be more excited to be a part of this amazing boutique with a heart! And don’t worry if you can’t shop during regular daytime hours, they also offer "After Hours Shopping” so you won’t miss out. You can make it extra fun by turning this after hours shopping experience into a party with your girlfriends, too.  Count me in to that girls night out! 

    Store Address: 927 NE Park Drive, Issaquah Washington, 98029

    Store Phone Number: 425.369.7445

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  • Affordable fashion forward clothing in your neighborhood? Boutique hours and private appointments with women who know clothes and can help you look your best at an affordable price? If this sounds like a dream, it’s not. It’s for real and it’s in your neighborhood if you’re lucky enough to live in Issaquah, Washington.  Owners, Colleen and Denise, decided to make a long-time dream a reality one New years eve while sharing martinis…all it took was one question from Colleen.  "Want to open up a clothing boutique in my garage with me?"  Denise's immediate reply: "Absolutely!  Let's do it."  This dynamic duo has made boutique shopping even more unique and personal with their new at-home boutique concept.  Shopping in this convenient, relaxed oasis is enough to spoil a girl. Not only can Colleen and Denise dress every body type to maximize best features, they will ensure you look your most confident best whatever the occasion may be. Colleen discovered bumbrella while reading People StyleWatch and knew it was the answer to help sell the many skirts and dresses that are on the sheer side. We all know those kind of skirts, they are super cute, but wow, a little too much overexposure when you step out into the sun! They are excited to offer this wardrobe solution to their loyal customers. Stop in to their clothing showroom and enjoy this cool, hip environment with an emphasis on personal styling. They are always hosting fun events including shopping happy hours, to make shopping with your girlfriends even more tempting! 
    Style and shop in a home boutique. Could it get any better? I don't think so! 


    At-home Boutique Address: 4652 243rd Ct SE, Issaquah Wa 98029
    Store Phone Number: 425.503.0014

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