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  • Behind the “Seams” by CiCi

    I’m so excited to share with you the story behind bumbrella’s new ad campaign! I’ll be talking today with bumbrella’s  President, Tara Gallagher along with Herta Silva of HertaWorks, the NYC- based creative agency that has been handling all of bumbrella’s creative. So read on for some details about the shoot and inspiration!


    The backstory:

    Last month, Herta travelled from New York to Ohio for the first time, to meet up with Tara and shoot bumbrella’s grass-roots ad campaign. They had a great crew, hair by Kristen King, from Salon Lofts in Rocky River; make-up by Suzana at Sephora in Westlake and set & wardrobe co-styling by Tara and Herta. The shoot location was in Tara Gallagher's home & back yard in Bay Village, Ohio. Tara's daughter made her modeling debut in support of her mother's brand. 


    PART 1: Interview with the President, Tara Gallagher

    Hello Tara, shooting an ad campaign can be very challenging for a small company that is starting out, what was your focus when putting this shoot together? 

    Tara: I always try to keep an eye on the reality of the situation. You have to step back and evaluate your goals to find that balance between what you want to achieve and what you can realistically do. I know I have a great product and it helps when you have a great partnership with someone like Herta who can do so many things. I have had great confidence in Herta’s vision for the brand and knew under her direction, we would be able to create a fresh look and feel while being mindful of our budget. Keeping the shoot small not only allowed for a more hands-on approach, but also helped keep costs down. Most importantly, we had a great team and everyone worked really well together.

    How did you and Herta came to partner on this shoot?

    Tara: Herta designed the bumbrella logo and identity, she knows this brand inside out and was a great problem solver when it came to the budget. She has art directed shoots for major brands with both very large and small budgets, and as an artist who does it all, she has a knack for photography as well. Therefore deciding to use Herta’s art direction and photography skills, as well as having the shoot at my house in Ohio featuring my daughter was a no-brainer. 

    We love that this was your daughter’s modeling debut, tell us more about that.

    Tara: Molly has always been very interested in fashion and has been a great supporter of my business. So while she is still just a teenager, she really took the shoot very seriously and performed really well under Herta’s direction. It felt quite wonderful to have her be part of this, I’m definitely very proud of her and think the images turned out fantastic! I would love to do this again with her. It’s extremely gratifying to have my own daughter as the face of my brand, which at times feels like my fourth child!.

    CiCi: What was the inspiration behind the styling?

    Tara: We are big fans of Brigitte Bardot and thought her look would translate well in Molly’s styling, from the heavily lined cat eyes to the luxuriously long textured hair, it seemed a match made in heaven! I took Molly to Sephora in Westlake, where Suzana did a fantastic job with the make-up, which lasted all day long by the way. And for hair, Kristen King, a long-time friend of mine from Salon Lofts in Rocky River; came over to do her magic with Molly’s hair. Kristen was even kind enough to bring her dog by later on the shoot, Norbit, a gorgeous Boston Terrier, who also made his modeling debut being part of the shoot! Most of the shots were taken outside on my backyard, we kept things simple using the textures of the flowers and trees. One of the shots that she is sitting in, we selected props that I had in my house to create the little indoors/outdoor vignette right outside on the patio. Romance and femininity were big themes in the set design and wardrobe.


    PART 2: Interview with Creative Director Herta Silva of HertaWorks


    CiCi: Hello Herta! What was the concept behind the creative?

    Herta: We wanted to showcase bumbrella in an editorial light, as well as introduce an etherial romance to the images in this campaign. As you may know from our brand's history, sunlight was the catalyst for the brand's conception, so I wanted it to be visually present as the etherial element. We achieved the romance by bringing in a lot of the beautiful rich colors and textures through wardrobe and setting, conveying that while bumbrella is sleek and modern in design, it can also be feminine and sexy, that is one of the reasons why it’s the perfect base layer.


    CiCi: Tell us a bit about the process and how it was to work on this shoot. 

    Herta: Before I put together concepts for a client, I find it’s important to have a realistic focused approach in relation to resources, knowing what you have to work with allows you to really be creative when imagining what the final picture will look like. So deciding on location was the first step. Once I saw pictures of Tara’s backyard, I knew that would be the ideal shooting situation not only because of logistics, like wardrobe changes, but because of the lushness of texture and potential variety of settings for our shots. Living in NYC, you get to appreciate all kinds of outdoor spaces, the potential I saw in hers was tremendous. I’ve worked on shoots that paid thousands to rent outdoor spaces like hers for a day. Once we came to that decision, I put together a plan, the shot list, the story board and did comps in photoshop using the pictures that Tara emailed me. From there, Tara and I then planned wardrobe and figured out what we were going to need prop-wise for some of the sets we wanted to create. Once I arrived on location, I was able to determine what worked and what didn’t and the rest is history. As everything came together, it made for a very fluid experience, we moved from shot to shot like clock work and ended up with an incredible selection of images.

    Behind the scenes* image credit: Fallon Gallagher *All make-up & hair shots as well as 2 shots of Herta shooting Molly.

    Keep a look out for more images from this shoot being released through out the year! Please visit out website for more about bumbrella by CiCi Soleil at http://www.wearbumbrella.com



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  • CiCi Talks to Joyce

    Behind The Story: The Making of Bumbrella


    TOP TALENT: Joyce Baran:  With 30 years of intimate apparel experience, Joyce was hired by President & Founder Tara Gallagher to work on the design and construction of Bumbrella.

    Interview by CiCi


    Q: Hello Joyce, I’m very excited to be here with you at your fabulous studio in CT. I know that you were part of the development team who worked on Bumbrella and I can’t wait to get some insights! First things first, what was it about the bumbrella concept that inspired you to want to bring it to life?


    A: When I was approached about the concept, I knew this product would have a meaningful impact in the intimates apparel world because it was so innovative. It was such a clever and simple solution for our complicated lives, that I knew I wanted to be part of the team that would further develop it. I also loved the playfulness of the name bumbrella, an umbrella for your bum!


    Q: Tell us, in your experience, what are the most important aspects to consider when creating such personal garments for today’s modern woman?


    A: The modern woman is always looking forward. She is well informed, practical, she may be health conscious, but above all wants to look and feel good. As a woman, when I design, I look at a consumer as if looking into a mirror to understand, absorb, and reflect her needs. An important part of her needs is fit and how it allows her to feel both comfortable and confident. I make many iterations of a product to achieve fit that will let this woman look and feel her very best.


    Q: You’re very accomplished in design and innovation, so what was the biggest design challenge you encountered when developing Bumbrella?


    A:  One of the most challenging but important attributes of bumbrella is how the slip stays in place without squeeze. A lot of women who have experienced slips in the past know what it’s like to have the slip ride up and twist under your dress or skirt, having to tug at the hem of your slip under your dress to straighten it up is no easy task! So my biggest design challenge was to get the bottom of the slip to SIT while the top didn’t SLIP! As simple as it looks it took several engineering ‘curves’ to get it to stay in place and follow ‘hers’. But we did it!


    Q: In your opinion, what attribute(s) makes bumbrella more unique in comparison to other products in the market. 


    A: The comfort and layer of confidence it gives. The best Intimate Apparel (underwear) is the one you forget about when your clothes glide over.


    Q: What is your favorite bumbrella color and why? 


    A: Of course neutrals are necessary but it feels aspirational to face the day with BLUE skies!


    Thank you for stopping by! Also don't forget to check back with us next month for the next installment of CiCi's Stories!


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