Bumbrella by CiCi Soleil



  • After years of searching to find a bra that actually fit, Owner Melissa Thomason decided to start Breakout Bras; a company devoted to helping ALL women find bras that fit. Since 2000, Breakout Bras has helped a countless number of women find their correct size and finally find happiness and confidence in the right bra. Breakout Bras is committed to the education of women in truth in sizing and the unparalleled knowledge and support of our highly trained staff. What is truth in sizing? Truth in sizing is their mission. It is their goal to weed through all of the incorrect information about bra sizing, often purposefully put out there to lead women into the wrong size, and tell women the TRUTH about sizing. One problem that women face when they are looking to find their size is which one of 15 different methods they should actually use to get the RIGHT result. Do you add inches? Do you not add inches? Do you measure under your breasts or under your arms? Should you wear a bra or not wear a bra when measuring? Etc., Etc. Stop in and let Melissa and company help you get to the bottom of it all. They have your bottom covered, too, with the introduction of bumbrella! Look for their new and improved website coming soon!

    Store Address: 565 Woodruff Road Greenville, SC 29607
    Store Phone Number: 864.627.0200

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