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  • Who's Your Body Type?

    Many women underestimate the power of well-fitting undergarments.  Just because you can’t see what’s underneath, doesn’t mean it’s less important. Something that feels and looks good on, will likely make you feel good as well!  The confidence you will feel when you present your best self to the world is empowering.

    Knowing what size bumbrella will work best for you will allow you to take full advantage of all the wonderful features bumbrella has to offer. Meet my new friends and see who looks most like you


    Who's Your Body Type?

    THE BUMBRELLA FIT: Good to know!

    1) bumbrella is not shape wear! It will not squeeze or shape your body.

    2) It comes with a built-in panty in two fits: hipster brief and thong.

    3) bumbrella is meant to hang freely around your hips in it’s comfortable A-line shape.

    4) The waistline is adjustable in design. It allows you to adjust the length of your hemline and waistline height up to 1” by sliding up or down the fabric around the the waistband.

    5) bumbrella's waistline sits below your belly button.

    FIT TIPS: 
    Figuring out what size you are

    1) If uncertain what size bumbrella to get, measure yourself around the waist and hips, and follow our sizing chart above. Be sure to measure around the fullest part of your bum and at your natural waistline (your natural waist is where you would naturally bend).

    2) Do not size down! bumbrella is NOT shapewear. If your bumbrella is too tight, the fabric will have a rippled effect and it may not stay in place. If your bumbrella doesn’t hang freely around your hips in it’s comfortable A-line shape, you risk the nuisance of ride-up.  The slip portion will pull tightly across your bum and creep up when you walk.  This is NOT a good fit.  Don’t be afraid to size up. Size is only a number! You are so much more than that.  We want you love bumbrella as much as we do and appreciate it’s superior comfort. 

    3) If you need help with selecting your best fit, you can always contact us for fitting advice.  We want to offer you the very best customer service.  Email us at customerserice@wearbumbrella.com. Provide us with your height, weight, dress size and which of my friends best represents you and we will help you find your perfect fit!

    Free yourself from the grip and squeeze of shapewear and enjoy a new-found freedom with bumbrella. You don’t need to feel the pressure of looking like your favorite celebrity or even your best friend…just be yourself! Your body is uniquely your own, so own it! Embrace all your curves and even those last few stubborn pounds you’ve been working hard to lose. 




    Watercolor Illustrations Credit: NYC Artist, Herta Silva of Hertaworks.com

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