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2015 In Review!

2015 has been filled with excitement, inspiration and surprise. Bumbrella has grown it's retail base and added stores all across the US. We experienced a rapid rise because the bumbrella concept resonated with women of all ages and store owners.  We have provided a unique product that solves problems and addresses concerns. There is truly nothing more gratifying than being part of the solution. I remember the countless times I questioned my endeavor and had to push these negative thoughts from my mind.  Intuitively, I knew I had something special, but the work of bringing my vision to life proved challenging.  I surrounded myself with a team of talented, dedicated professionals who could guide and direct and improve my initial idea. Without their support and belief in my concept, it would have been easy to give up.  Nothing good in life comes easy. Hard work and endless drive will always triumph.  Everyday I am grateful.  I am doing my small part to usher in change....a shift in the way women perceive and feel about their bodies which ultimately translates into how they live their lives.  Undergarments may seem insignificant, but as the layer closest to ones skin, they can make or break how you feel about yourself. Never underestimate your underwear! Welcome 2016! We can't wait to see what's in store!

-Tara Gallagher MD

About the Author: Tara is the founder and president of bumbrella. She is a mother, entrepreneur, former advertising executive and medical school graduate.

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