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New Year Resolutions by Tara Gallagher MD

Happy 2016!

It's time to turn the page on your calendar and start fresh.  Why not start 2016 by being true to yourself. This starts with self-acceptance. Let's resolve to love ourselves including all our perceived "imperfections". In recent years, doctors have been seeing more patients with physical complaints associated with over-wearing shaping undergarments.  Those of you that know me and bumbrella, know this medical issue was one of the main motivations behind this products' development.  I became so frustrated by the lack of undergarment options for coverage that weren't uncomfortable and unhealthy.  As an MD, I understand the body's anatomy and know very well the harm tight clothing can inflict.  When you really get down to it, the damage is more than just physical....it's emotional as well.  Women have been squeezing the life out of their bodies in a desperate need to conform to a unrealistic standard of beauty.  This is simply unattainable because it's not reality. We all know the images we see in the media aren't real.  Today, photoshop is commonplace.  So why, then, do we keep spinning our wheels and living in this fantasy world on the glossy pages of magazines? We need to stop this insanity and start  living authentic lives. Let's recognize and celebrate our unique beauty. Let's commit to embracing a positive lifestyle that is based on reality, healthy habits, and self love.

As a mother of teenage daughters, I want them grow up knowing they are good enough just as they are.  This knowledge will empower them to maximize their potential.  I am pained when I witness young women comparing themselves to something that is unreal.  We could all look like "stars" if we had the make-up, wardrobe,styling, lighting and photography created by a team of professionals whose sole goal is to achieve a look. I want my girls to know that these models also have flaws...they are human just like the rest of us. True beauty shines from within. The happiest, most confident women can light up the room.  Let's instill this level of confidence and self love in all women, no matter their shape or size.  We are so much more than a number on a scale.  If we can't love ourselves completely, how can we ever give love to others.

Let's say goodbye to the torture we put ourselves through wearing shaping garment to impress our friends and co-workers.  Trust me, they would rather enjoy your company and see you smiling, eating and enjoying yourself rather than sitting restlessly in your uncomfortable undergarments counting down the minutes until you can rush home to remove them!  Think about the renewed joy you will feel knowing you are free to simply be and live.  I invite you to free yourself from the literal and figurative squeeze on your life. Loosen up and breathe. This is when you will truly begin to live.  Cheers to 2016, breathing easy and a renewed love of self!

-Tara Gallagher MD

About the Author: Tara is the founder and president of bumbrella. She is a mother, entrepreneur, former advertising executive and medical school graduate.



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