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Outsmarting Mother Nature with Bumbrella by Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell of Hurray Kimmay

Hey there! It’s Kimmay from Hurray Kimmay. I’m so excited to write this guest post for CiCi’s blog, Bum’s the Word. I have been working in the lingerie and intimates world for well over ten years, and I have to say: I haven’t seen anything quite like bumbrella. This little 2-in-1 panty slip is a great solution and can have a place in almost any woman’s wardrobe! I have worn mine under dresses and skirts, I’ve taken it on the road, I’ve gabbed about it with my friends, and I’ve even shared a video about it! I have a bumbrella in black, in natural, and in blue, and I wear them underneath almost every skirt I own. 

I may live in a concrete jungle, but this summer has proven to me that bumbrella is a real winner when it comes to battling natural elements. Mother Nature doesn’t always make looking fashionable and feeling fresh so easy, but bumbrella does. Here is how bumbrella has rescued my bum from some of the trickiest natural elements. 


Natural Element: Wind

Long legs and short skirts are usually a very sassy and stylish combination. Add in a windy day or a breeze from a subway grate, and it’s a recipe for disaster. I love to wear my hipster brief bumbrella under fit-and-flare dresses, or breezy short skirts.  With bumbrella, if a gust of wind lifts my skirt a little higher than I’d like, I’m totally covered. Both from the smooth brief and the mini slip! 

I love wearing my bumbrella with skirts so much that I even wear it over sheer tights. The best part is that because it’s attached to the brief, I never have to worry about the slip riding up while I walk. Bumbrella stays in place, even when my skirt doesn’t!

Natural Element: Sun

My NYC apartment doesn’t exactly have the best natural light. There have been a few times I’ve dressed for the day with a skirt I thought was opaque, only to realize too late that it’s totally sheer in the sun. Now, if I’m even a little unsure, I’ll wear my bumbrella to block the sunlight and stay discreet. And because it’s so sheer, light, and seamless, it’s my little secret. I can walk tall and confident into the sunlight, knowing that bumbrella has my bum. 



Natural Element: Rain and Snow

Living in NYC, I walk almost everywhere. And I don’t always remember to bring an umbrella. Oops. That means I get caught in rainstorms quite a bit. And that means the rain often turns my outfit from opaque to sheer, and from loose to clingy. What a bummer! Now with bumbrella, I have nothing to fear. It’s a sleek layer between me and my clothes, so I’m protected and feeling good – even if a car splashes me, I spill water on myself, or I feel an urge to go dancing in the rain!

Natural Element: Heat

The North East is not exactly known as the hottest place on Earth, but let me tell you: summer is hot and sweaty in NYC. With all the concrete, people, and walking around, things can get pretty steamy. Thank goodness bumbrella is so light and airy! Instead of wearing a thick short or hot shapewear, I love to put on my light-as-a-feather bumbrella under my skirts. It gives me just enough protection and plenty of breathing room. Thank goodness!

Whether you’re a country girl, or a city girl like me, you’ll be prepared for anything Mother Nature sends your way in bumbrella. Available in sizes XS-XL, three colors, and two styles, find the bumbrella that fits your life and makes you say hurray!


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