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WHY BUMBRELLA: A Historical Perspective

The evolution seen in women’s fashion through the ages to today calls for a new kind of undergarment that will cater to that new demand. Trends in the history of undergarments have a tendency of changing based on social and overall views of the time. Pre-suffrage and industrialization, women bound themselves in corsets for the idyllic image of feminine beauty.

The 20-40’s, women liberated themselves from the squeeze and long hemlines, as they explored their place in society and were forced to help out during the war. Comfort was key when working long shifts in factories and keeping the country going while men were drafted to war.

The 50’s was a time of relative wealth and peace, women were expected to be “the perfect homemaker”, wives and mothers with tiny waistlines and fuller skirts,  resulting in the return to constricting shapewear in conjunction with longer slips.

The 60-70’s allowed women to rebel against these societal expectations as they sought out equal rights and their return to the workforce, allowing them to shed these constricting undergarments for more colorful and comfortable pieces.

The 80’s boxier shapes worn mainly in the work force, allowed for less fitted silhouettes and are largely responsible for today’s granny slip. 

The 90-2010 brought back a more modern version of the same shapewear of the past, women were now not only struggling to fit in a man’s world but were also trapped by a new idea of perfection based on what is portrayed by the media and heavy re-touching. 

Since the turn of the millennium, with the focus on wellness and healthy living, women have started questioning how they live and are learning how to love theirs bodies, bumps and all. They are more educated, look at food labels, they care about the environment, they exercise, they are mothers, wives, workers, with varied interests and love for self-expression.  Until now, there has not been a pantyslip out there that can provide comfort, coverage and style that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Bumbrella is perfectly positioned for the modern woman who doesn’t want to be bound by her undergarments. It’s smart, makes sense and it’s contemporary.

“Slips made in the 1940s were mainly made of 100% rayon due to the war effort. In the late 1940s, some nylon slips began to appear on the market, and the vast majority of slips made in the 1950s were nylon. In the 1960s, slips were offered in a much more variety of colours, including multi-coloured slips. Slips with a floral print design were also made available.” (1)

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