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CiCi's Stories: Introducing bumbrella

CiCi's Stories:

After feeling exposed at the funeral, CiCi decided to go shopping for a slip. She knew what she wanted, but would she find it?

She searched every department store, boutique and lingerie specialty shoppe for "just a little something" that provided comfortable coverage. She found that nothing would work. What CiCi saw was... granny slips...too ugly, too long, too bulky, yuck!! traditional slips... too bunchy, too shifty, not sexy, argh!! shape wear... too tight, uncomfortable, unhealthy, ugh!!

All CiCi wanted was something comfortable, short & sexy, that stayed in place with a built-in panty.

Later... CiCi called her friend Tara.

"Hey Tara, I have a problem! I was mortified the other day while I was at a funeral and noticed my dress was transparent in the sunlight! I have searched everywhere for a solution. I can't find anything that works! You're my last hope!" Said CiCi.

"This is bumbrella, the no-squeeze, panty slip solution that stays in place! Made of lightweight fine luxury fabric, it is cool, comfortable, as well as sexy! And it comes in 2 party fits and 3 colors!" Explained Tara.

"Really? Let me try it on!" Said CiCi.

"I love how bumbrella feels on! My dress just glided on over it! See how smooth my bum looks? No panty lines either! And I can wear it with short dresses too. I would love to spread the word, women everywhere need to know that they can embrace their shape and look good an comfortable too!" Exclaimed CiCi.

Hello! Hope you enjoyed the strip! Check back with me next month for the next installment of CiCi's Stories. And by the way, we're taking story submissions, read below for more information!


Share your stories of embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions where the bumbrella could have saved your day! The winner may see their story illustrated in the CiCi's Stories comic strip, and will be entered to win 25% OFF a bumbrella of their choice.



Please note that by submitting your story,  you’re allowing Bumbrella by CiCi Soleil to use it directly or for inspiration on CiCi’s Stories comic strip, the Bumbrella website and corresponding social media venues.  Please note that the story may become an adaptation rather than a literal interpretation.  You will also be automatically entered to win 25% off a bumbrella of your choice at the end of the month. If you win, you are automatically removed from the pool, and will have to submit a new story to be added back to the monthly drawing pool. If you do not win that month, you will be rolled-over to the next month drawing pool. We can’t wait to hear from you. Good luck! Promo will run from March 2, 2015 – September 2, 2015.  
You can e-mail cicisoleil00@gmail.com. Please write CiCi’s Stories Submission in the message subject line.
Please include your full name, your short story and any images that you want to share.

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Illustration by Herta Silva www.hertaworks.com @hertaps


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