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Hello! Spring is here and I’m so excited for skirt season. I love flowing skirts, mini skirts, maxi dresses, and jersey dresses - you name it. But if you’ve ever worn a skirt or dress, you know there are risks involved. What if the wind gusts up my skirt? What if the sun shines through and reveals what’s underneath? What if my underwear and slip start sliding or bunching? Yes, I too have experienced at least one of these “what ifs”. Here’s my story. Just imagine a hot day and I’m wearing a simple, elegant black dress. I always want to look my best and that means avoiding panty lines, so I opted for a sleek thong. I gave myself a once over in the mirror and headed out the door. To my dismay, my seemingly chic dress turned sheer once the sun hit it. You could see right through! How mortifying. To make matters worse… I was at a funeral. That is why I’m here today talking to you and I’m so thrilled to be the bumbrella spokeswoman. I truly believe this innovative product is the solution to all these wardrobe “what ifs” we have.  I’m also super excited to announce CiCi’s Stories and by the way, there’s a contest going on right now! If you can relate to my wardrobe malfunction above (I mean, really, haven’t we all been there in some way at some point?) share a story of how the bumbrella could have saved your day and you could win. I’m picking my favorite tales and NYC artist Herta Silva is illustrating them for the ongoing series. If we pick yours, you’ll be entered to get 25% off of your favorite bumbrella style. 

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What’s bumbrella? Bumbrella is the easy to wear, healthy solution for sheer, short, or clingy dresses. It’s a smooth barrier between you and your dress or skirt, and the perfect 2-in-1 no squeeze solution for stylish women who also enjoy comfort. All of my girlfriends love it, and I’m so thrilled to bring the bumbrella to each and every one of you poised and polished trendsetters. You can be the first of your friends to try it for yourself and introduce them to your sleek little secret. The bumbrella is available in two styles: thong and hipster brief. Sizes range from XS to XL in three color options, black, a neutral, and true blue and is made from breathable luxury fabric that’s designed to stay in place. 


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